AssertQA is a software testing company that provides a wide range of services to ensure the quality and integrity of digital products. Founded in 2018 and based in Belgrade, Serbia, the company is dedicated to helping businesses and organizations protect their reputation by validating the quality of their digital products through automated and manual testing.

AssertQA’s services include automated testing, which uses specialized software to quickly and efficiently test a product for bugs and other issues. Manual testing, on the other hand, involves a team of experienced testers manually reviewing and testing a product, providing a more in-depth analysis of its functionality and usability. Together, these two types of testing provide a comprehensive evaluation of a product’s quality.

In addition to automated and manual testing, AssertQA also adheres to industry standards to ensure that services meet the highest quality standards. We also employ a modern approach to testing, which allows us to tailor our services to the unique needs of each product. This makes our services highly adaptable and suitable for any type of digital product.

Overall, AssertQA’s goal is to help businesses and organizations promote their good reputation by providing comprehensive and high-quality software testing services that ensure the integrity of their digital products. We strive to provide an in-depth and tailored testing experience to clients, making use of both automated and manual testing, adhering to industry standards, and utilizing a modern approach to testing.